When I started freelancing out of college some 8 years ago, I wasn’t quite able to define the direction that I truly wanted my career to follow. Through a lot of trial and error (which is how I live most of my life) I found myself gravitating toward storytelling and how people’s personal stories related to their company, organization or cause. This came at a time when video content was still a new concept for many companies, so I felt like I hit the jackpot because everyone and their mother seemed to want to make a video, and typically one where someone is being interviewed. 8 years later, the demand is still there, but the expectations continue to rise, and the quality of the content continues to improve dramatically as people continue to find ways to push the envelope and do things differently. Through all of that, one thing has always been close to my heart, and that’s the story itself. Take away the lights, the cameras, and even the microphones, and you are left with the power of the story itself. And as others strive to push themselves in the camera, lighting and sound departments, I’ve been pushing myself to tell better stories.

Through this process I have picked up a few things along the way that have helped me get to where I am so far, and this blog serves as a way for me to document those things in a way that not only reminds me of the things I’ve learned but also hopefully serves as a useful tool for others who are looking to tell good stories.

I would encourage readers to not simply copy and paste the information shared here verbatim to their own situations, but rather to think critically about how they can apply this information to their own specific situation.